The video Mein Hauptbahnhof focuses on a young woman who is in love with the Berlin Hauptbahnhof. In a continuous monologue, part confession and part love letter, she describes her relationship in great detail, which includes her frustration for having an unrequited love with the building. The video conveys the emotional comfort she finds in the space and raises questions concerning the discourse of love. The video was shot on location with the subject at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof. 

The love of objects is called "objectophilia." Objectophiles do not feel attracted to people and instead are sexually and emotionally drawn to certain objects. They exchange experiences on the Internet and hope that their sexual inclinations will be recognized and accepted. 

The photographs in the series Objectophilia were made during my visits with objectophiles. They show various love objects including: a pinball machine, computer, World Trade Center, Berlin Hauptbahnhof, and steam locomotive. All of these objects were photographed with a large format camera and in a documentary style to serve as a counterpoint to the highly subjective and emotional video.